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Places To Visit in Sumba

The island of Sumba is well known for its sandle wood, horses, impressive megalithic tombs, traditional villages, strange beliefs, typical hand woven textile (ikat), and still untouched beautiful beaches. Waikabubak Capital of West Sumba ( 1 hour drive from the Hotel). A neat little town in West part of Sumba island. right in town are …

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Traditions & Events

Sumba has a unique culture and social life. Sumbanese are traditionally divided into three level of social life: Raja/King=Maramba, Customary Official=Kabihu,and Slaves = Ata. Sumbanese live from farming, cattle breeding, rice-field farming and trading. Owning cattle contributes to their social status such that if they have more cattle this gives them a higher social status. …

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